If you are lucky, you will one day work on the crew of a Taylor Swift tour

The performer continues to prove she is a class act, hands out a massive amount of bonuses to people working her Eras tour.

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Taylor Swift is all class. Not only does she give a fan their hard-earned money's worth during her concerts, but she finds a way to make all feel welcome at her shows. She has complete control over the entire performance. And not because she is a control freak, but because she simply wants to make sure people have a good and safe time.

But the people who help make her tours great get rewarded for their hard work as well. Per People, Taylor Swift has given out bonuses totaling $55 million to lots of different kinds of workers on her Eras tour. This includes a reported bonus of $100,000 each to the truckers that delivered pieces to her Santa Clara concert this past weekend. According to TMZ, the bonuses were an "end of the tour" as Swift's tour comes to an end in the United States next.

Taylor Swift's Eras tour could reportedly gross more than $1 billion, and might end up being the highest-grossing tour in history. But again, she doesn't short-change her fans.

Taylor Swift gives out a massive amount of bonuses on her Eras tour

While many musical artists will play for around an hour and a half, Swift's shows average about three-and-a-half hours. You pay for what you get, generally speaking, and if you pay for a Taylor Swift ticket then you are almost guaranteed a high-end show where you will enjoy yourself listening and watching an artist that cares about the workers who help make the tour excellent.

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Of course, people can't truly know their musical heroes unless they actually know the person themselves. One can still derive a lot about a person in watching how they treat others who might not be on the same level as they are. We've all probably had bosses who saw themselves as above the team.

But on a Taylor Swift tour, she is absolutely the boss and people are going to see her. But how awesome is it to know that she still treats people with respect. Hopefully, there are quite a few musical artists that treat the people who work their tours as well as Swift, but somehow it is easy to doubt that happens.

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