Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce might have created the party of the century

Swift and Kelce turned up at an icon's party.

Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce did not host a party after the Oscar Awards. Doing so might have been logistically impossible. The week prior to the awards show on Sunday, Swift had been performing at several concerts in Singapore. Hosting a party 16 hours away the same day as returning from that trip might have been superhuman even for Swift (and, well...Kelce).

Kelce appeared to be in attendance during Swift's shows, too. He reportedly hung out with Swift during her downtime as they were seen out and about on a date night and a stroll through the mall. They seemingly would not have done the same in the United States but surely Swift and Kelce stand out wherever they go so maybe they just felt more safe in Singapore.

With the Kansas City Chiefs' season done and his brother, Jason, now retired, what else is Travis going to do? Helping Taylor Swift with her tour makes sense, right? Or just going out shopping. Either way works.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce party all night with Madonna

But because the pair did not make the Oscars or host an event afterward, that did not stop them from showing up at potentially the event of the century. The party they chose was hosted in Los Angeles by Madonna and tons of other celebrities were also in attendance. Besides Swift and Kelce, British Vogue posted on their Instagram account that Lily Gladstone, Salma Hayek, Robert De Niro, and Matthew McConaughey, among many others, were there.

In other words, Swift and Kelce had the stamina to stay up late (or early if they felt like they were still on Singapore time) and mingle with the celeb-elite. But were there any bigger stars there than Swift? She is probably the most famous person on the planet right now.

Still, one would likely love to have heard any potential conversation between Swift and Madonna. Maybe they will even create a song together. One can hope anyway.

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