Taylor Swift is wealthy but cannot find love at the moment

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Taylor Swift is rich. This isn’t a surprise, really, as you probably knew. I mean, she isn’t Rihanna wealthy (few are), but Swift isn’t likely going to have to borrow money any time soon. Unless she wants to buy Ticketmaster, that is, just to teach the company a lesson about how to treat people.

According to Forbes, Ms. Swift is the second wealthiest female musician at $740 million. Rihanna is first at $1.4 billion. Taylor, if I can call her Taylor, is 34th on Forbes’ list of “America’s Richest Self-Made Women.” Oprah Winfrey is first at $2.5 billion. (OK, that’s a lot of money but if I had to guess I would have thought Oprah was even more wealthy than that). 

Other musical artists are just behind Taylor Swift. Madonna is worth $580 million (I say “just behind” but the difference between Madonna and Taylor Swift is $160 million but when you have so many other hundreds of millions of dollars, what’s the difference?), Beyonce Knowles is listed at $540 million, Celine Dion is worth $480 million, and Dolly Parton has a cool $440 million (which also seems like it would be more). In contrast, the richest person in the world is Bernard Arnault at $211 billion. These women deserve more, basically.

Taylor Swift moves up the list of most wealthy self-made women

In other Taylor Swift news, though, some sadness. Or maybe it’s for the best, I don’t know. I would call Taylor or Matt Healy and ask to get their thoughts, but to be honest they would probably say, “Who is Lee Vowell?” and block my number, rightfully so.

Healy and Swift reportedly broke up after a very short relationship. Swift, you may remember, split with actor Joe Alwyn after a six-year relationship just this past April. So I guess rushing into another relationship with such a busy touring schedule might have not been emotionally intelligent.

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According to Entertainment Tonight, Swift’s friends weren’t “shocked” that the Swift-Healy affair ended so quickly. Healy, a member of The 1975, seems like a bit of a wildcard anyway. But who am I to judge really?