Three bangers to start your Wednesday correctly

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It's the comedown that's the worst. You hung out with friends and family and pets on the Fourth of July and now you've got nothing to look forward to other than the daily grind. No worries! There are songs that will get your mind back to happiness.

Just don't play all these songs to your work colleagues. They may not be as well-adjusted as you. That's what makes you great and them, well...not so much.

With the post-4th of July blues, these bangers below will help you get things right again before heading to school or work. You'll need maximum productivity on Wednesday. These tunes will make sure that happens.

Three great bangers to begin your Wednesday

Prince - "Let's Go Crazy"

The first track off the album Purple Rain is the tone-setter for the rest of the record (and maybe Prince's career) so you should start here. Play the album version, though, and not the radio edit. Sometimes radio play cuts off some of the guitar solo.

The lyrics are great, the intro is one of the best ever and the song finishes with a kick to the finish. It's perfect. And then Prince screaming, "Take me away!" is how you will begin your day.

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Dropkick Murphys - "Johnny, I hardly Knew Ya"

While Prince has stopped playing on your list, the momentum hasn't ceased. You'll need your energy for the day and the Dropkick Murphys will be part of your caffeine intake. This song is about a women who meets a man on the road to Athy, they have a child out-of-wedlock, the man goes to war and loses most parts of his body, comes back and the lady is still happy to see him. Hopefully, most of those things don't happen to you today.

But this DM cover of a late-1800s song will have you singing along with it by the second chorus. If you're still singing it by work, your mates might be confused if they have never heard the lyrics before. But you'll be so pumped up you won't care.

Smashing Pumpkins - "Today"

Every day is a good day to listen to "Today." The words are quite ironic but the music is just so danged amazing that you'll feel as if this tune is one of full joy. This should be turned up to 11 on your car radio.

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You can, of course, add more songs to your playlist for this morning. But you may not have much time to do so as you have to get ready for the day. You could even listen to these songs again on your way home, though. They are good at any point during the day.