Three completely overrated bands from the 2000s

Three 2000s (OK, one is from really from the 1990s) bands you should not be listening to anymore.
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Every decade over the last several seems to have started well musically and then somewhat fallen apart by the end. In the 1970s we had David Bowie and Black Sabbath at the onset of the decade, but by the end were injured by having to put up with disco. Music companies many times do not care about what's good, but only what sells.

The above did not really hold true with the beginning of the new century, though. We had too much carry over from the blandness of the late 1990s. One of the band's that follows even started in the late '90s and then washed over.

One of the bands I have on this list is one I remember fondly, too. Oh, they are still a band. Just not a good one anymore.

Three ridiculously overrated bands of the 2000s


A couple of things to start with. I realize Weezer began in the 1990s. The reason they are on a list for the 2000s, however, is Rivers Cuomo and friends seem to run out of consistently good ideas before the year 2000. The other thing I want to start with is that I genuinely love early Weezer which is why I can discuss how disappointing they have been since their second album, Pinkerton.

This century, the band has produced drivel such as "Beverly Hills," and "Pork and Beans." These are songs lesser bands put out and the tracks wouldn't be good by anyone else either. And Weezer's cover of "Africa" is basically a karaoke version of the original and Weezer missed a chance to have real fun with the song.


Speaking of karaoke, I do not necessarily dismiss American Idol winners (or runner-ups) as not real musical artists but people who should be singing pretty well as they wait tables in some random bar (no offense to people who wait tables, though; that's a stressful job). But Daughtry has sold too many records and too many concert tickets and it seems like he is stealing money with his unimaginative and over-produced songs.

Plus, Daughtry's music feels like a big con. I am sure American Idol finalists are in and on the game of a recording company saying, "You've got a name temporarily so we are going to rush this album out and maybe make a few more. Don't worry about making truly emotional and well-played songs, though. This is all about the money!"


Creed might be the most unorignal band ever. It's as if someone created some poor AI attempt at grunge and metal and out came the music of Creed. Vocalist Scott Stapp sings as if he wants to leave no doubt that he is, in fact, male, as he tries to force his baritone into some kind of melody. It rarely works.

Imagine Pearl Jam but then take away all the good musicianship, songwriting ability, and charisma and you have Creed. Yes, they started producing big-selling albums in the late 1990s, but one reason the new century stumbled out of the gate musically is because of bands like Creed. The world deserves better.

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