Three songs to make your Friday better and beautiful

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It's almost the weekend! If you get a day off on a Saturday or Sunday, of course. Still, here are three great songs to make your Friday better.

Hopefully, you get some time to relax and sit back with your mind on your money and your money on your mind this weekend. Or maybe leave out the money part. Just relax. It's OK to do so.

But what are you going to do if you are laid back? If you are reading this article and visiting this music site, then you probably like music. Otherwise, I apologize for what you have stumbled on and it must be extremely confusing to you. If you don't like music, I still have some suggestions for where you can start.

And part of those suggestions is the three songs that follow. You want to be happy and joyous? I assume you do, though if that's not your vibe that's cool as well. Either way, here are three songs to try.

Three songs to listen to on your Friday

"Friday on My Mind" - The Easybeats

The Easybeats are an Australian band that you could have missed because they only really have this one popular song. But they probably made a decent living from this tune. It was number one in the United States and Australia for some time in 1966. And there is the groundwork for a sound that had they followed it into more of a punk thing, they could have been great.

They didn't and they weren't, but this song is still fantastic. I actually prefer the David Bowie cover, but that's just because it's Bowie, and if anyone ever says, "I like the Easybeats more than David Bowie" then you might ask them if they need medical assistance. Still, if you are looking for a song about looking forward to Friday and then it turns out to actually be Friday, this is your track.

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"Friday Night" - The Darkness

This tune wreaks with joy in a good way. It's got the kind of peppy glam you don't find as well done on many other songs. Some might find the absolute happiness of this song too much, but you have to be slightly dead inside for not liking the track.

Plus, if the narrator of the lyrics really has such an active life, he has little time to be sad. He appears to play badminton, bridge, does archery and needlework, among other things. Interesting.

"Friday I'm In Love" - The Cure

This is indisputably the greatest song about Friday ever. Nope, don't try to argue with me and bring back in your love of the Easybeats; It's not going to happen. If you are feeling low on Friday, put this tune on. You'll be dancing around the room wildly in just a few seconds.

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This song also talks about how the other days of the week aren't great. If you happen to love Tuesdays (for some weird reason) then I apologize. But I won't apologize for unabashedly loving this song and the band that created it.