Trent Reznor says he got emotional listening to a Dua Lipa song

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Trent Reznor was on Rick Rubin's Tetragrammaton podcast recently and spoke about many things. He talked about how he doesn't really want to tour anymore, sure. But Reznor also discussed how he got emotional listening to a Dua Lipa tune.

For anyone who has followed Reznor over his career, you know that he appreciates good music of nearly any style. To borrow a phrase from Huey Lewis that Reznor would likely agree with, "There are only two kinds of music: Good and bad." Reznor said the Lipa song was a "really well-done piece of music."

Mond you, I much prefer Reznor's style of music much more than Dua Lipa's kind, but saying this to anyone might lead to this kind of argument: "Why do you hate Dua Lipa?" We have a people of extremes and if you say you like one thing then you must really dislike anything else, right? No, people are capable of appreciating many things yet still liking one or two items more than others.

Trent Reznor spoke about touring and being moved by a pop song on Rick Rubin's podcast

So Reznor, who prior to having children seemed to not care for pop music much at all, understands that just as we all can he can learn new things and find value in the new stuff. Reznor heard his six-year-old daughter singing a Dua Lipa tune and Reznor said he "teared up listening to a Dua Lipa track. Because it was just a really well-done piece of music, you know? It was clever. It felt good."

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Trent Reznor's reaction should make all of us feel better about being human. We are all able to feel and be and appreciate. It's OK to be emotionally moved by art, such as music or film. Heck, it's part of what separates our species from others, right?

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Now, about the touring. Reznor said he just wants to not miss his children growing up, among other things. That's meaningful and the right way, if one is able to have the time to not miss the big parts of life. Sure, fans will miss out on Nine Inch Nails tours because they kick the proverbial butt in shows. Being a fan of someone's music, though, shouldn't make one feel they have sway over that musicians life, however. Good for Trent Reznor that he is able to do what he needs to do.