New rock Friday: Turn Back To Life releases the earworm "Burnout"

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Dear reader, you've been warned. While there are a number of songs that could get stuck in your head for the next week or so, I guarantee if you listen to "Burnout" by Turn Back To Life you will be humming the chorus for the next several days. It's a great song and you should listen to it, but as I wrote, just be prepared for it to be your new earworm.

The Knoxville, Tennessee band has earlier music you can find on your favorite streaming service, but nothing they have done before sounds quite like "Burnout." It seems to fit on your music shelf right between your Nathaniel Rateliff albums and The Commitments cover of "In The Midnight Hour." Sure, Nathan Fitzwilliam's voice is a bit more clear on Turn Back To Life records compared to The Commitments, but the neo-soul vibe remains the same on this tune.

"Burnout" starts simply enough with a straightforward beat mirroring the bass and a single guitar almost rudely interrupting the rhythm. Then the song starts building around the 40-second mark, leading to a chorus that is a blissful release. It's the "Burnout" part of the chorus (the backing vocals are exquisite) that will have you bellowing out while walking on the sidewalk somewhere as people look at you strangely.

Turn Back To Life releases an excellent song for your Friday

That's OK, too. Let them look at you oddly because you know you'll be listening to this tune and they aren't. At least, not yet they aren't.

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Fitzwilliam's vocal style is slightly different from the rest of the song, but it works. Instead of a husky and Rateliff-style crooning, the singer has a slight Britpop style. The overall sound mixes extremely well, however.

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Maybe the only drawback to the song is that its 30-second-long instrumental outro isn't heavier. But honestly, that's just a personal choice of mine and the way the song closes fits with the rest of the tune. The production is grand, the piano is perfect, and the song doesn't stretch to become more than it is. That is a tune you'll be humming for days to come and it will be worth it.