3 underrated artists nominated at the 2024 Grammys

These three artists deserve more love.
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Underrated No. 3 - Old Crow Medicine Show

Old Crow Medicine Show was Mumford and Sons before there was a Mumford and Sons. The difference is that while Mumford uses a lot of English influences to their sound, Old Crow Medicine Show mixes folk, Americana, and bluegrass to create their brilliance. The band's first album, Trans mission, was released in 1998 but on cassette only. The first real record label record was 2004's O.C.M.S. which had the band's best-known song.

That song is "Wagon Wheel" which Bob Dylan has a co-writing credit for. Ketch Secor came across a bootleg of Dylan while visiting London in the 1990s, but the song was crude and not completely formed. Over the years, Secor turned the track into what became known as "Wagon Wheel" but because the bootleg was Dylan's, Secor and Dylan signed a co-writing agreement and to a 50-50 split of authorship.

Old Crow Medicine Show is much more than "Wagon Wheel," however. Since 2004's O.C.M.S., the group has gone through a few member changes and produced seven more studio albums. Songs such as "Take 'Em Away," "James River Blues," and "Alabama HighTest" are just as good as "Wagon Wheel" and worth listening to multiple times.

Old Crow Medicine Show has been nominated for three Grammy Awards total, and has won twice. This includes winning for their album Remedy for Best Folk Album in 2015, and for Best Long Form Music Video for Big Easy Express in 2013. The group is nominated in 2024 for Best Folk Album for their album Jubilee.

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