2024 Grammy Awards host is sure to bring hilarious entertainment

The Grammy Awards will be broadcast on February 4.
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The number 4 is fitting for the 2024 Grammy Awards. There is a 4 in the year and a 4 on the date the awards will be shown, and this will mark the fourth year that comedian Trevor Noah will host the ceremonies. Noah might as well be extended an offer to host the Grammy Awards for the next 10 years because he has been that good in his three previous appearances.

Noah is likely best known for hosting the television program, The Daily Show. Noah stepped down from that gig in late 2022 and the show has not been the same since. The Grammys would not be the same without him either.

At the 2023 Grammys, Noah riffed off a bunch of winners and normally done with a lot of class. Noah doesn't need to be cutting at others to be funny; he does enough of that inwardly. Instead, Noah is just a genuinely funny person who is best at observational humor.

Trevor Noah will once again host the Grammy Awards and that is a great thing

Last year, for instance, he said Beyonce's album Renaissance, "...was better than anything from the actual renaissance in my opinion. I was so inspired by the lyrics of ‘Break My Soul’ that I actually quit my job. That’s how powerful that was. I just wish Beyoncé had also written a song about the importance of having savings before you quit your job, but maybe the next one."

Noah is also a nominee at the Grammys. He could win the award for Best Comedy Album for I Wish You Would. Noah is just the fifth host to also be nominated for an award in the same year he is the host.

The 2024 Grammy Awards will be broadcast on CBS on Sunday, February 4 from 8 pm ET to 11:30 pm ET. One should expect to stay up later than that, however, as awards ceremonies such as the Grammys and the Oscars tend to go on much longer than their slotted time. One can also stream the Grammy Awards on Paramount+.

The Grammys will be held at Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles, California. This has been the location of the Grammys since 2000. Now let's just hope in 2023 years that Trevor Noah is still hosting the show.

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