31 Days of spooky, day 25: 'Bloody Mary' by Lady Gaga gets sensational Netflix boost

Lady Gaga’s goes biblical and then viral with her gothic dance chiller
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It’s not anywhere near as extreme a religious matter as needing an Exorcist, but Lady Gaga does go biblical on us in this spooky number.  The song “Bloody Mary” has Gaga playing the part of Mary Magdalene. The chart success of the song goes way beyond that aspect though, it had a sensational, and much later, online boost from a Netflix show.

Originally appearing in 2011 as a track from Lady Gaga’s second studio album, Born This Way. From the very start of “Bloody Mary,” there's a creepy plucked-strings introduction setting the tone. Add in a scream or two, a ghostly-sounding vocal backing, some Gregorian-based chants, and chilling lyrics, all underpinned by a dance beat and you have a spooky song for sure. But that's not the end of it.

Late last year “Bloody Mary” was resurrected after a connection with Netflix show Wednesday, a supernatural comedy horror series. Carefully edited dance scenes from the show, featuring lead character Wednesday Addams played by Jenna Ortega, had a sped-up version of the song added as a backing. When issued on TikTok late in 2022 it went viral.

Spooky Netflix show boost for Lady Gaga and “Bloody Mary”

That video above, with its content from the show, fits perfectly with the song and the scenes really compliment the spooky nature of the song. That online sensation prompted Lady Gaga's original song to be released as a single in December 2022, some 11 years after the album it appeared on. The single went on to be a hit on the charts around both Europe and the US. 

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