31 Days of spooky, day 27: How The Addams Family theme clicked again via Netflix

Another oldie but spooky in our song series counting down to Halloween. Find out how it links to a recent hit Netflix series.
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Halloween is about scary, spooky, supernatural things, but it doesn't have to be bone chilling horror. Often the best scary moments come with a good serving of fun making them great for all ages. That's the case with this TV series from way back and its instantly recognisable theme tune. 

The Addams Family is a TV programme from way back in the mid 1960’s. Although many will be more familiar with subsequent follow ups on TV or as movies.  The theme for it is another song where within seconds of hearing the introduction you are immediately in tune with what's next and humming or singing along. The lyrics weren’t high brow or scary but pretty fun and memorable. Despite some clunky rhyming. 

"They're creepy and they're kooky / Mysterious and spooky / They're altogether ooky / the Addams Family"

Addams Family theme lyrics

The theme tune set the scene for the show and introduced the characters each week. There’s a very familiar finger-clicking sequence all the way through. That plays over a creaky sounding bass clarinet and a harpsichord giving a nice mock horror sound. The black and white colouring of the show may be of its time but actually adds atmosphere to the subject, characters and that fun theme. 

Addams Family theme clicks with Netflix show

Vic Mizzy, a Hollywood TV and movie composer, wrote the theme. Mizzy also played the instruments and provided most of the vocals, with actor Ted Cassidy, in his role as Lurch the butler in the show, adding a few words in character. As the main performer and writer Mizzy owned the publishing rights for his theme. He earned well from that tune and used to joke that with two finger snaps he lived in Bel Air. 

That clicking element is actually taken forward in the recent Netflix show Wednesday, based on Wednesday Addams, one of the TV show's family descendants. Wednesday uses a double-finger click to open the door for the secret society Nightshade in that series. A semi-hidden throwback link to the 60’s show, its spooky theme, and continuing the fun it brought.

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