Five absolutely outstanding 1990s albums people love to hate

There are some surprising and controversial views out there about five top selling albums of that time.
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Oasis - Definitely Maybe

Here’s another debut album that was a massive hit yet people still find the need to take a dig at it. Definitely Maybe signalled the emergence of Oasis onto the music scene when it was released in 1994. Perhaps with a bit of a scowl but also with some style, definite swagger, and great songs. Over eight million copies have been sold around the world. 

Sure, it wasn’t their best album. For bands that go on to succeed and grow beyond their debut album that's not unusual at all. (What’s The Story) Morning Glory, their follow-up a year later probably ranks as their best album. But this one has lots of reasons to justify being claimed as an absolutely great record. Hit singles In “Supersonic” “Live Forever”, “Shakermaker” and “Cigarettes And Alcohol” helped launch the album and establish the band. 

Critics point their fingers at a few attributes of the band, alongside the music and occasionally cite poor production levels for the album. Tedious songs and a whiny irritating voice claim others. They wouldn't want to be saying that in Liam Gallagher's hearing. 

Oasis often gets mentioned as writing Beatles-style songs. This album gets mentioned with suggestions the other Gallagher brother, Noel, had perhaps used a Marc Bolan songbook for his inspiration. “Wonderwall” and other Oasis classics were yet to follow but there are plenty of great tunes on this one. In any case, all songwriters need inspiration or influence, references to Bolan or McCartney and Lennon should be seen as praise and not as negatives.