AC/DC set to tour again? Band says new shows might be coming in 2024

According to one iffy site, the band could hit the road again for a full tour next year.
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The last time AC/DC played a gig was seven years ago. That will change with their upcoming appearance at the Power Trip Festival. The group will play on October 7. But there are rumors that AC/DC could announce a bunch more shows in 2024.

The main site that put forth the rumor that AC/DC could hit the road next year is the tabloid, the Daily Star. So take with a grain of salt that the band could do a full tour. The last time the band did a proper tour was 2015 and 2016's Rock or Bust World Tour. That tour ended just after singer Brian Johnson was told by doctors that he needed to stop performing with the band or he could risk permanent hearing loss. Axle Rose helped the band finish the tour.

Since then, though, Johnson has worked with audio expert Stephen Ambrose and Ambrose developed an in-ear monitor for Johnson that will allow the singer to sing live with the band. AC/DC also thought of hitting the road in 2020 as well, but due to the COVID pandemic, those potential plans were scrapped.

AC/DC reportedly set to tour again in 2024

Johnson has recently said the the "juices are running again" for the band to tour. Part of the issue with not already scheduling dates and getting ready is that the crew AC/DC uses is almost too talented. Therefore, many of the crew members are working with various acts and would be committed to helping those acts out for most of the lengths of their tours.

The most recent AC/DC album came out in 2020 and was called Power Up. The album sold well enough and hit number one on most worldwide charts, including the UK and the United States. Prior to Power Up, the band's most recent record was 2014's Rock or Bust. The band was able to tour in support of that album until Johnson had his hearing issues.

AC/DC is fantastic live. Their songs are more punishing and fleshed out. If they do tour, you must check them out if they come anywhere near where you live.

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