5 amazingly overlooked debut albums of the 1960s

These five debut albums from the late 1960s set the scene for many more great records and music from the artists involved.
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The 1960s was another great decade for music. It grew and developed enormously over those 10 years. It's odd, but when you stop and think, the pre-2000 decades seem more distinct in musical terms than since that turn of the century.

The 1970s was also huge musically and along with the 1980s and 1990s, many clear styles continued to emerge. Glam, rock, punk, new wave, electro, techno, dance, indie and more. Since 2000 it’s much harder to identify specific decades in the same way. We haven't seen the same level of emergence of new genres and styles.

As with those other pre-2000 decades, there were many different periods within the 1960s musically. We went through the pop breakthroughs of bands like the Beatles in the early part. Amongst other genres, mellow and hip styles arrived later like a California-induced period. Acid rock and psychedelia also had a slice of the 1960s. It was all followed up by a late surge of guitar-based rock music towards the end of the decade.  That nicely set us up for a lot of great bands to deliver even more amazing albums as we moved into the 1970s. 

Five overlooked debut albums from the 1960s

With the musical evolution, we saw many great artists make their debut albums. Some were huge hits.  Others were somehow overlooked, perhaps underrated, and didn't make the impression they deserved. 

Here are five surprisingly overlooked debut albums from the 1960s. They include a band known for their classic rock hits, a rocked-up supposedly Dylanesque album,  a globally successful band who changed lineup and style, a Beatles favourite, and one of the most influential rock bands from America.