5 amazingly overlooked debut albums of the 1960s

These five debut albums from the late 1960s set the scene for many more great records and music from the artists involved.
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The Allman Brothers Band - The Allman Brothers Band

Next up on the surprisingly overlooked list comes this album from a band that were at times seen as one of the most influential rock groups in the US. Duane and Gregg Allman formed a six-piece band in the late 1960s. Oddly, for that time anyway, the lineup had two drummers and two lead guitarists.

The Allman Brothers Band was released in November 1969 to introduce the band. It didn't do much commercial business when it arrived. A peak of only 188 on the Billboard 200 seems little reward or respect for what is a great set of songs. Many of them stand up well today as electric blues mixed with Southern rock. Try “Dreams” for some great slide guitar for example. Or their cover of Muddy Waters’ “Trouble No More” for example.

There seemed to be a dispute between the record company and the band over their location. The suits wanted them to relocate to New York. The band told them pretty firmly they were going nowhere from the South where they belonged.

Despite their digging-in and that low-selling debut, the band seemed to win people over one way or another. The Allman Brothers Band themselves went on to big success. They earned those claims by critics of greatly influencing and inspiring what became major bands, especially in that Southern Rock style.

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