Anita Baker drops Babyface from tour after being bullied online

Paras Griffin/GettyImages

So, seriously. What is wrong with people? It's easy to sit in front of a keyboard, relatively nameless and faceless, and make crass, crude, and mean remarks to and about people, sure. But that doesn't make it right. And in Anita Baker's case, just...why?

But that seems to be the case as Anita Baker announced this week that she is dropping Babyface from her current tour. Babyface did nothing wrong himself, it appears, but some of his fans just say atrocious things about Baker. Again, do these people have nothing better to do?

The issue appears to stem from Babyface not being an official co-headliner on the current tour. The tour was set to commemorate Baker's first solo album which was released an astonishing 40 years ago. Babyface was asked to be on the tour as a special guest/support act. The "supporting act" seems to be what has peeved some of his fans.

Social media rears ugly head again over Anita Baker and Babyface tour

There was also an issue at a concert on May 10th in Newark, New Jersey, where there seemed to be some confusion over why Babyface didn't perform. According to a tweet from the performer:

Of course, I guess if you are at a show to see Babyface instead of Anita Baker and you find out Babyface, born Kenneth Edwards, doesn't perform because he was asked to, you might be rightfully frustrated. But again, attacking a person someone will never know because they didn't see another person sing songs seems like an overreaction.

Baker did ask Babyface (via Twitter; maybe the two could have just had a phone call instead of likely creating more drama via social media) to ask his fans to chillax, but this hasn't occurred so far. Baker stated she had been "attacked, harrased (sic), and threatened."

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The bottom line is, social media can be a good thing, but it can also allow faceless drones to insult people they will never meet. Babyface isn't on the tour with Anita Baker anymore? So what? If you don't like Baker, don't go see her. Babyface will likely be performing lots of other places over many years so just go see him instead.