Three Arctic Monkeys songs to get your Friday begun correctly

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If you haven't been listening to the Arctic Monkeys for the last 20 years, I will ask you a simple question. Why not? AM is one of the most consistently enjoyable bands to come out of the universe since the earth cooled.

So to get your Friday began correctly, let's choose some Arctic Monkeys songs for you to listen to. You can even carry these into your office and let your co-workers enjoy them. You'll be thanked later.

But don't just stop at the three songs below. You have decades of music from AM that you need to know. Unless you are already a fan, in which case...good for you.

Three great Arctic Monkeys songs to begin your Friday

"R U Mine?" (2012)

The Arctic Monkeys are a complex band. They are truly just straight-forward rock and roll and yet at the same time heavily influenced by nearly anything else good. "R U Mine" has a Sabbath-type heaviness while also having a groove you can dance to. In other words, it's a phenomenal song.

The lyrics tumble about while the vocals are somehow offset from the bass. This is a band in total control of what it wants to do and they dare you to come along for the ride. You should take them up on it; The song will be worth it.

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"Mardy Bum" (2006)

Singer/songwriter/guitarist/whatever-else-he-wants-to-be Alex Turner completely buys into his Englishness on this song and the listener is the one who reaps what Turner sows. The chorus "Well, now then, mardy bum/Oh, I'm in trouble again, aren't I?/I thought as much/Cause you turned over there/Pulling that silent disappointment face/The one that I can't bare" is nothing an American would or could ever write.

The song marked a departure for AM. They left behind their heavily-influenced New York sound and embraced where they were from. Their music was consistently great from here on out.

"I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor" (2006)

Another 2006 bit of excellence. A song that overpowers but does so with joy. If you want a rock song to epitomize a night club, this is it.

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Turner sounds as if he doesn't care about the girl he's talking to, and maybe he doesn't. He's in the hunt for the game, not the catch. But you'll get hooked on this song, nonetheless. Heading into the office after hearing this tune, you'll be set for the day.