Billie Eilish among four others that break a UK singles chart record this week

Female solo artists dominate the UK singles chart this week in a way that has never happened.
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It's a woman's world and that is a very good thing in music right now. Not only are female artists creating some excellent music, but they are selling that music like no other time in the history of the UK singles chart. It should also be noted that Billie Eilish and a couple of other artists are getting some huge help from Barbie as well.

For the first time in UK chart history, the top six songs are all performed by female solo artists. Even the seventh song on the chart, "Barbie World," mostly features Nicki Minaj as well as Ice Spice along with Aqua. But Billie Eilish holds the top spot with another song from the Barbie soundtrack, "What Was I Made For?"

The Barbie soundtrack also produced the single "Dance the Night" from Dua Lipa and this song is the second-highest charting song. So, doing the math here, three of the top seven tracks in the UK right now are from the Barbie soundtrack alone. Not that the songs are only popular because they are associated with Barbie. The musical artists were chosen to be part of the soundtrack for a good reason: They are excellent artists.

Billie Eilish helping to break a record on the UK singles chart this week

Olivia Rodrigo stands out on her own as she has two of the top six songs, "Vampire" at number three, and "Bad Idea Right?" at number six. Both songs are off her excellent second full-length LP, Guts, that was released this summer.

Also in the top six are "Cruel Summer" by Taylor Swift at number four, and "(It Goes Like) Nanana" by Peggy Gou. Swift, of course, has had anything but a cruel summer as she has been breaking records for the amount of money she is bringing in on her current tour. She's also had massive album sales this year, too.

Another song from the Barbie soundtrack that made it into the top 20 songs isn't sung by a female solo artist. "I'm Just Ken" is perfoemed by Ryan Gosling. The song currently sits at number 18.

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