Five greatest political songs from Bob Dylan

Dylan specialized in make art from politics.
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The third track on The Times They Are A-Changin’ begins with a wistful harmonica, and its gentle, singsong melody could almost support a romantic memory of childhood and growing up. But this is far from romanticized.

He opens simply enough – “Oh, my name, it ain’t nothin’ – My age, it means less – The country I come from – is called the Midwest.” Then he recounts his childhood history lessons – the defeat of the Natives, the defeat of the Spanish, the victories in WW 1 & 2, up to the present battle with the Russians. Each verse concludes with the simple panacea – “with God on our side.”

Toward the end, he begins moving on from the simple lessons he was taught into self-realization: “But now we got weapons – Of chemical dust – If fire them we’re forced to – Then fire them we must – One push of the button – And a shot the world wide – And ya never ask questions – When God’s on your side.” He then wonders aloud if Judas believed God was on his side, before concluding with the most obvious question of all – “The words fill my head – And they fall to the floor – That if God’s on our side – He’ll stop the next war.” Not bad for a 23-year-old.