Where exactly are the bodies, Garth Brooks?, and Gwar did what?!

Garth Brooks likely isn't hiding any bodies and Gwar proved the world is ending.
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If you haven't heard comedian Tom Segura talk about Garth Brooks and maybe where Garth Brooks may or may not be hiding some bodies, then find a clip on YouTube after reading this and have a laugh. Sadly, the circumstances surrounding the long-running bit are actually quite sad. But maybe you need a reference point.

It appears that in several cities Brooks has toured people go missing around the time of the tour date. This is not funny at all, of course. The laughs Segura gets are due to the bleakness of the situation and the thought that a musical artist with the stature of Brooks would go around doing evil deeds to persons.

The real question about bodies and Garth Brooks is what exactly did Brooks have to do to become the mega-star he is. Brooks hasn't had a top-ten hit on the Billboard country charts since 2007. Still, this guy sells out concert tours every time he goes out. He has talent, but enough to have sold 170 million records or so? That seems Garth Brooks has had to do a lot of dirty deeds to sell that many. (I joke...?) I mean, he is clearly not the artist Gwar is, right?

Garth Brooks might know where the bodies are and Gwar would probably help find them

Speaking of Gwar, they appeared - and I swear this is not a joke - on NPR's series called Tiny Desk Concerts and did a 20-minute set. Of course, for those who do not know Gwar they have been around since the dawn of humankind and get all dressed up and create surprisingly good music. Think of something close to KISS and that's Gwar.

But frontman Blöthar the Berserker clearly also has other interests besides making interesting music. From comments he makes during the set, he obviously listens to NPR. It's funny to listen to Blöthar driving around in his car listening to Terry Gross, but it likely has happened quite a bit.

If you have a few minutes - 20, in fact - today, you must listen to Gwar on NPR. I just like writing that. Even doing that makes me happy. Watching the video will probably make you happy as well.

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