A brilliant place to find great new music and artists could be a click away

Would you like to hear more new music, find new bands or artists? Here’s a great tip on where you can do that easily.
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There's so much music out there to listen to. From established bands to brand-new artists, it’s a wide-ranging choice. And there are so many platforms, sites, or formats you can choose from to stream or buy what you want to hear. 

It's easy enough to find the big names, but what about all the new artists who are trying to attract listeners? Many of those rely on streaming platforms or their own websites to make their material available. Changes at Spotify, where small artists with less than 1,000 plays aren’t eligible for any payment, make promoting their music widely even more critical. 

There are a lot of music artists of all types and genres exploring the routes and ways to draw attention to their work and how to get more people to hear it. Likewise for listeners, if you want to find new music, to spot a future great before they break, or just help a struggling act along the way there's a bewildering array of platforms to choose from. And even then, where do you start to find what you haven't heard yet?

Threads could be a brilliant place for new music, artists and much more

Social Media is one great way for artists to engage with listeners and to promote their music. It’s also impacted by changes in platforms. Twitter, now X, has altered significantly and no longer seems to provide the engagement or reach many need. Threads, from Instagram, was launched earlier this year and attracted many new users at the time. It's taken a while, but now has a growing and blossoming community for music amongst other creative topics.

Many aspiring music artists, and those associated with music production and promotion, are gathering there. They are finding ways to build a music and creative community. It's a thriving place where they can engage with each other and perhaps most importantly promote their material and encourage other users to listen and to share it. 

On Threads, musicians are chatting with fans and other music creatives, people are sharing links to their material, they are launching new singles, EPs, and albums, or announcing small gigs. There are lots of playlists being built via Threads from a huge range of new artists around the world. It's all very supportive and hasn’t anywhere near the toxicity of messaging you see on other Social Media. That may change over time but right now you can sense the enormous satisfaction amongst the music community there about the positive way it's developing.

It's not the only place you will find new music from artists you don't know. But if you join Threads and post an introduction covering the type of music you like, or search for new music, you can't help but find something new to listen to. You’ll also get a chance to engage with many of those artists and watch out for more from them and others. 

Listening to new artists and streaming or buying their music is a great way to help them grow and evolve. It's a difficult world for them out there, this may not be the complete answer but Threads is a very encouraging place so far. It's easy to sign up to and use and you'll enjoy finding many new sounds there. 

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