15 brilliant songs the Establishment did not want you to hear

These songs were covered up, blocked or censored one way or another. Sometimes for what now seem bewildering reasons.

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The times they have been changing

“God Only Knows” - The Beach Boys

Again it’s hard to imagine this song getting banned. It is a good example of where times and society have changed and a ban would be highly unlikely these days.  

This huge hit from their Pet Sounds album was controversial at the time. In 1966 it was banned in some parts of the US. Using the word god in song lyrics was deemed blasphemous and unacceptable. 

“Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” - The Shirelles 

This sixties classic could easily have been sidetracked by bans from radio stations. Many refused to play the record due to the sexually charged words. If you read through the lyrics today or have a listen to them you’ll wonder why, they are pretty tame really. The underlying story is simply asking a question about love and respect after a sexual encounter the previous night. Fortunately, and sensibly, it went on to sell hugely and become a huge hit. 

“The Pill” - Loretta Lynn

When you read of contraceptives being handed out free at some pop concerts today, it’s quite a contrast to this story. Loretta Lynn’s 1975 song was about greater freedom, liberty, and fun for women when the contraceptive pill became widely available. But the subject matter, especially the fun element in the context of birth control, was frowned upon and radio stations chose to ban this record too.