Music news: Britney Spears and Nine Inch Nails, Kate Middleton goes to a festival

Britney Spears does some more dancing, and Kate Middleton sneaks out to listen to some music.

Tim Clayton - Corbis/GettyImages

Britney Spears likes to dance. More specifically, she likes to pole dance. I am not sure if it takes guts for a well-known performer to post videos of themselves dancing rather seductively or if there is a certain madness to the posts, but Spears does not seem to have an issue with the posts.

Her latest sexy dancing video (just click on that link to see it, if you dare) has her dancing to a rather unexpected song. I am not sure when Trent Reznor wrote "Closer" for his band Nine Inch Nails he was specifically thinking, "Hey, maybe Britney Spears will make a video dancing to this one day!" but if he did think that then his hope came true recently. I haven't seen a reaction on the interwebs that Reznor has reacted to Spears' Instagram post, though.

I doubt that Britney Spears would really care what Reznor thinks about her dancing, however. You simply can't stop her from making those kinds of posts. She seems to make a new one each week. Last week's song was "If" by Janet Jackson.

Britney Spears dances to Nine Inch Nails, and Kate Middleton just dances

OK, to be fair, while I wouldn't make a post pole dancing (no one would likely want to see that anyway), maybe the freedom one must feel to do such a post is amazing. Maybe we should all feel that kind of uninhibition.

ON the other end of the spectrum, the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, not only didn't make a video of herself pole dancing (that I know of), but she had to sneak around to go to a neighbor's house to see a music festival the neighbor was holding. The British press can be extremely overbearing, so kind of a shame that Middleton couldn't simply go listen to some music without worrying about being seen. What a weird life that must be.

The festival was called the Houghton Music Festival. According to Music Festival Wizard, the Houghton Music Festival is a "utopia electronic retreat is a non-stop 72-hour party in a lush woodland estate." Some of the artists at this year's festival included Hammer, Subhaze, and Giant Steps.

One must take away from this that Kate Middleton (by the way, Middleton and Spears are both 41 years old) loves her EDM and probably likes dancing as well. But just not pole dancing. At least, not publicly.

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