Britney Spears scares us all with social media post

Spears might not entertain as consistently with her music, but her social media posts are consistently excellent.
#FreeBritney Rally In Los Angeles
#FreeBritney Rally In Los Angeles / Chelsea Guglielmino/GettyImages

Britney Spears has a unique talent. That might not relate directly to her music. She is a pop star whose songs don't sound terrifically different than most other pop artists. Her old tracks are still catchy, but she didn't exactly break proverbial new ground when she produced songs such as "...Baby One More Time," and "Oops!...I Did It Again."

OK, maybe she broke the new ground by having so many songs with ellipsis in the title. It was an underrated greatness of Spears'.

But the performer's true talent is in having the ability to remain topical while not making much new music. She does this with gimmicky social media posts that still seem all her own. Pole dancing and making it campy? Who else does that?

Britney Spears scares us all

Moreover, who would do that other than Britney Spears? And don't we love her for her weirdness?

On Wednesday, Spears posted on Instagram something many find oddly scary. She was simply asking a question about a movie but posted the entire video sequence of The Ring. Of course, if one watches the video, they supposedly will receive a phone call telling them that in seven days, well...something bad will happen.

Next. Four bands too good for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Four bands too good for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. dark

Oddly, something weird did happen. Maybe because of the pushback from fans who are overly superstitious, or maybe due to copyright laws, Spears deleted the post. Or the post was deleted for her. We know it had not been seven days since she originally posted the video, so she should be safe. Spears lets everything hang out - sometimes literally - on Instagram so why she would have deleted this post is a mystery.

Also, if you must know, Spears was recently spotted in Las Vegas with ex-boyfriend and, strangely, ex-conservator Jason Trawick. This visit to the City of Lights was one for Spears to spend time with her brother. Trawick may have just been along for the ride.

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