Charlie Puth gets a gift from Taylor Swift that will keep on giving

Puth should see the number of his streamed songs explode.
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As most of the free world knows, Taylor Swift dropped her latest album, The Tortured Poets Department, on Friday. Among the 16 tracks (plus bonus ones depending on which edition you buy) is the title track which mentions pop star Charlie Puth. Puth has already been fairly popular, but thanks to Swift's golden touch, he might be about to get a lot more popularity.

Swift is a lot like the new Oprah Winfrey. Winfrey, you may recall, used to have a book club as part of her popular show. If she talked about a book, bookstores everywhere needed to get ready to stock up on the novel. If Oprah thought it was worth reading then the rest of us mere mortals should also feel the need to read the book.

If Taylor Swift thinks that Charlie Puth should be a "bigger artist" then we should expect in the next few days that Puth will be. The American has not had a top-ten single, however, since 2017 even though he has released two studio albums since then. He has also released quite a few singles, too. The question now that Swift has deemed Puth worthy is not if one of his singles will suddenly start streaming a lot more, but which one. Or ones.

Charlie Puth should get his thank you card to Taylor Swift ready

Puth is not an unworthy artist, to be fair. His track, Attention," is catchy enough. Puth might not also be such a sell-out - at least, he has not strayed too far from where he began (for better or worse) - that he has sold his musical soul to simply become a multi-millionaire. Instead, Swift is going to help him get there.

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On the title track to The Tortured Poets Department, Swift croons, "You smoked then ate seven bars of chocolate/We declared Charlie Puth should be a bigger artist." Well, Puth, you are about to be.

Social media, as with all things Swift, has reacted wildly to Puth's mention. Many of these are quite funny. One might also wonder if Puth knew he was going to be name-dropped in a Swift song. Someone should have warned him, at least.

Taylor Swift's new album is obviously going to far exceed any sudden rise in Charlie Puth streams. But one might keep track of any new Puth news to see how he is spending all his new-found dollars.

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