Who Taylor Swift's new album is rumored to be about might surprise you

Swift's album may not be who you think it's about.
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For quite some time there has been a rumor that Taylor Swift's new album, The Tortured Poets Department, was about her ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn. Alwyn and Swift dated for some time though the relationship reportedly ended shortly before Swift began a relationship with Kansas City Chief's tight end Travis Kelce. That may or may not be true; celebrity time does not work like the rest of us mortal's time.

The time with Alwyn, however. might be too much experience to mine for one album. Maybe Swift's spreads the pain and happiness over the Alwyn years over several albums. According to some rumors, Swift's new record, which just dropped at 12:01 am on Friday, has nothing to do with Alwyn.

Instead, the record is rumored to mostly be about The 1975's frontman Matt Healy. This seems like a stretch, however, as an entire 16-song rumble about the ickiness of Healy seems like too much. He might be worthy of a passing mention in a bonus track. Still, speculation will abound and social media went a bit wacky after Swift's new album was leaked online on Wednesday before it was taken down.

Is Taylor Swift's new album about Matt Healy?

One might be able to find references to Healy, though, as long as the lyrics to the songs that were posted by Swifties are correct. One lyric read, "Sometimes I wonder if you’re gonna screw this up with me, but you told Lucy you’d kill yourself if I ever leave." This might be a reference to Lucy Dacus of boygenius who Healy went out of his way to insult on X/Twitter in 2023.

Healy deactivated his account after the tweet, but he wrote, "I told Lucy Dacus that Boygenius had inspired me and George to start a new band called ‘Girlretard.’ I don’t really hear from her that often." To which Dacus replied, "You don’t hear from me at all."

Classy on the part of Dacus but not at all on the part of Healy. But do Swifties really want an entire album about Matt Healy? He is not worthy. Swift can do better.

Heck, even an entire album about any single person might be too much, even Alwyn. Plus, all great artists know people internalize the music they hear. Taylor Swift's songs are a gift, not a self-serving group of bits.

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