Dave Grohl pops up in strange places, even with Guns N' Roses

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Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl seems to be everywhere lately. That even includes jumping onstage to help Guns N' Roses with one of the band's classics. But before helping out Axl Rose and the boys, Grohl surprised the crowd at the Glastonbury festival by forming a one-off supergroup with Chrissie Hynde and Johnny Marr.

Grohl simply knows how to entertain. Whether it be with his current band, his former band (Nirvana, duh!), or randomly showing up places (such as at a Ghost concert to sit in on drums as a nameless ghoul), Grohl just likes making music. He is almost like a teenager willing to play anywhere if given the chance.

So it was at the Glastonbury festival this past week that Grohl, where the Foo Fighters weren't even on the bill, played with two different groups just for the fun of it. The Foo Fighters also played a secret gig
at Glastonbury the day before he hopped on stages to play with other bands. This cements even more that Dave Grohl just wants to be around where music is made.

Dave Grohl jams with the Pretenders and Guns N' Roses at Glastonbury

The first musicians he assisted were the Pretenders who already had their own special musician, guitarist Johnny Marr (most notably the former guitarist for the Smiths), jamming with them. A fully tongue-in-cheek Chrissie Hynde said to the crowd just before Dave Grohl came on stage to play drums on the song, "Tattooed Love Boys," "Apparently, there’s a drunk hanging around backstage and we asked security to get rid of him, but he’s a big guy and I don’t want any trouble, he insists on playing, so come out Dave Grohl."

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Later, Grohl played guitar with Guns N' Roses on "Paradise City." As Axl Rose said, "You can't have enough guitars." The video isn't great but here's what Grohl and Guns N' Roses looked like.

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The great thing about both performances with Grohl is he doesn't have such a big ego that he wanted to steal the Pretenders or GNR's spot light. He just wanted to sit in with the bands as the drummer and then a rhythm guitarist. Simply put, Grohl continues to be a treasure and the world is lucky to have him.