Chaos County Line is Skating Polly all grown up and ready to fight

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Skating Polly may have produced a lot of music you have never heard. That's not their fault; It's yours. But there is no mistake that their new album is one you must listen to. Like, immediately after you stop reading this article, you need to go find the record and listen to all 18 songs.

Chaos County Line is a sprawling double-LP album for Skating Polly, but there are no bad songs on the album. The traits that have been streamlined through every Skating Polly record are still (and likely always be) there: Great harmonies, clanging guitars, lyrics with excellent couplets, and brutal honesty. Yet, somehow through all the noise the band has a way of building a personal connection to fans.

Founding members and step-sisters Peyton and Kelli produced their first music when Peyton was 14 and Kelli was 9 (yes, you read that correctly...9 years old) but now both are in their 20s and have been joined by Kelli's brother, Curtis, on drums. The band's sixth record is still much like the others where the sonically the music can be intense and loud, but the band still makes their songs sound stripped down.

Skating Polly's Chaos County Line should be on your turntable right now

And while both Peyton and Kelli are now in their 20s, their lyrics have always seemed mature for their ages. But what is more mature on Chaos County Line, the band's first long-play since 2018, is the production is fuller and more crisp, the harmonies even more pure, and the instruments stand out even more with deeply-stepped punk roots.

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There are bangers on the album, for sure. Rabbit Food should be your early morning listen to get the rage of the day out of the way quickly. While Booster Seat feels much more indie-rock that keeps the space between the notes.

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If you are already a Skating Polly fan, of course you are going to get this album. If you have never listened to the band, then you can start with this album and work backwards. But trust me, if you listen to all of their albums in order you will appreciate Chaos County Line even more.