Deion Sanders has strong opinions about who should perform at Super Bowl 59 halftime

Who will perform at the 2025 Super Bowl halftime show?

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The NFL has not had a proper rock act perform at halftime of Super Bowl games since the Who in 2010. Sure, Coldplay and Maroon 5 have been the halftime entertainment since then, but they are not truly rock acts. They are much more pop. I bring this up because NFL Hall of Famer and current coach of the Colorado Buffalos football team Deion Sanders knows who he wants to see perform at next year's Super Bowl and he might be on to something.

At halftime of the last three Super Bowls, the NFL and Apple Music have gone with R&B and/or hip-hop artists. They have all performed well. Usher got off to a bit of a slow start recently during Super Bowl LVIII, but he picked up once Alicia Keys and H.E.R. arrived. Hip-hop acts such as Eminem and Dr. Dre have been magnificent.

Sanders is a big fan of rapper Lil Wayne. Maybe Sanders did not like Usher's performance because at the same time Usher was trying to entertain us, Coach Prime tweeted out who he wanted to see be the halftime show for Super Bowl LIX (or 59 for those who do not know Latin). Or possibly, Sanders was so inspired by what Lil Jon and Ludacris were doing with Usher that he wanted to see Lil Wayne even more.

Deion Sanders wants to see Lil Wayne during halftime of Super Bowl LIX

I do not know whether the NFL will listen to Deion Sanders. He certainly knows how to grab people's attention. Wherever he has played and coached has gotten more interest from the general public than maybe his teams would have otherwise because Sanders knows how to sell his brand. Or maybe Sanders has the power of the universe in his hands and we will see Lil Wayne next year.

Still, I am not sure Lil Wayne can pull off the halftime show by himself. I mean, if Snoop Dogg and Kendrick Lamar had to be in a group with Dre and Eminem, why would Lil Wayne be more worthy? He wouldn't. But then I do not have the power that Sanders has.

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