Music news: Devo announces last tour, Menzingers announce UK dates

One iconic band says this is their last tour, while another announces new dates.

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Devo has always been much more than "Whip It." I mean, sure. If that was the only song the band ever produced you would likely still know who Devo is. But a band whose major-label debut album was almost produced by David Bowie (he wanted to do the job but had to back out due to previous commitments) likely means that the band is more important than one song.

Plus, Devo always had a ton of talent and the freedom to do what they wanted to with their sound. Mark Mothersbaugh alone has probably created a lot of the music you know but that you don't think you know. Devo is rightfully influential and never sold out.

The group has announced their upcoming tour, which is called Farewell Tour, Celebrating 50 Years of De-Evolution, will be the final tour. And they are fantastic live. They've released nine studio albums since 1978, but they have also put out as many live albums. Why? Because their live sound is even more interesting that the studio records.

Devo and The Menzingers go on tour, separately

The only problem with the tour is that unless you live in the western United States, you aren't likely going to see the band. They do have a set of shows scheduled for early December in Melbourne, Australia as well, though. Maybe they will end up adding a few more dates? Let's hope.

In other tour news, The Menzingers (if for some reason you haven't listened to them then I would imagine if you like bands such as Rise Against then you will also like Menzingers) have announced a number of dates for the UK and Europe. The band already had announced dates for North America and that leg of their tour runs from November 9th through December 17th.

The UK and Europe dates begin on January 24th in Amsterdam and end February 10th in Manchester, England. If you live somewhere on planet earth drive or fly to one of these shows. The band will make your trip worth it.

The Scranton, Pennsylvania band released a video for a new song, "There's No Place for Me in This World," about a month ago. It's a little less punk than some of their earlier stuff, but still an excellent tune.

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