Dire Straits Mark Knopfler and his £0.5m Live Aid guitar

Mark Knopfler will soon find out just how much one of his famous guitars is worth.
Georges De Keerle/GettyImages

The Dire Straits frontman Mark Knopfler is well known for his distinctive guitar-playing style. Now he's giving fans and music collectors the chance to own some of his guitars which made those incredible sounds. And that includes one he played in the historic Live Aid concert.

Knopfler was was the main song writer in Dire Straits and also became a guitar hero for many of us. After the group disbanded he continued his success with a solo career which included several albums and film scores. Knopfler expanded his guitar playing over the years and it looks like he's been building the range of the guitars he used too.

In conjunction with Christie’s auction house, Knopfler is selling many of the guitars in his collection. Over 120 guitars and amps are going up for sale. The lots will offer a range of instruments, from a mandolin estimated at between £300 to £500 through to a Gibson Les Paul, which could reach around £0.5m. 

The story behind that Dire Straits guitar

The expectations for that guitar’s sale price are high as it was used by Knopfler on stage in London at Live Aid in 1985. It was also used by him to record “Money For Nothing” and “Brothers in Arms”. That's quite some story behind the guitar and it’ll surely attract the attention of avid but affluent collectors.

As the BBC reports, Knopfler has explained why he has now decided to sell. 

"I think it's just age. I'm looking now at about 20 guitars that I use to make records and there are at least 100 other ones that aren't going to get played. We've had great times together, so I am sad to see some of them go - but I've got enough left to play. More than enough."

Mark Knopfler

The sale collection will go on display during January in both London and New York before the sale at the end of January. 25% of the sale proceeds are going to charities chosen by Knopfler. It's going to be interesting to see how much is raised and the end price agreed for that Gibson Les Paul.

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