Do You Feel Like I Do about Frampton Comes Alive? 

What an album! As another anniversary comes around, Peter Frampton is busy still playing live and featuring tracks from this iconic double album.
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This album from Peter Frampton still rocks. It’s one of my favourite albums, capturing a live concert brilliantly. And yet it’s now 48 years since it was released on January 6, 1976.

I don’t feel it has dated over the years. The music still sounds fresh and very much alive. It’s also one of just a few albums where I get that amazing kick from hearing the next track start-up in my head before it actually plays. Each song then brings back so many memories from when I first heard it. 

I was a teenager at school when I saw Frampton featured on the BBC Old Grey Whistle Test TV rock show. That was a great source at the time to explore new rock music, often a long way from what was on the national radio at the time. I bought the album soon after, never looked back, and listened often.

Frampton Comes Alive in much demand

There was a slight issue when I took it to school to play at lunchtime. Another great source for musical education as others brought many bands I’d not heard of before. My album went down a storm and spent a fortnight doing the rounds of teachers and pupils. All are keen to have a listen and possibly for a recording onto cassette tape. 

Frampton was no newcomer at the time the album was recorded. He had the Herd and Humble Pie behind him and was a well-respected guitarist. His live album though took him to new levels in his US home and around the world.  He’s had his difficult times along the way but the album has brought him great success, which he continues to work hard for. 

The future is still about playing live for Frampton 

There are perhaps more tough times ahead for Frampton, musically and in health terms. He’s very open about his debilitating Inclusion Body Myositis, a slowly progressive muscle weakening and wasting disease. With that in mind he’s been touring on a limited basis, a batch of shows at a time. As he explained when revealing new US tour dates for March and April 2024, he wants to keep playing live as long as he physically can. 

I saw him play in November 2022 at the Royal Albert Hall in London. That performance was long awaited following a covid pandemic cancellation of the original 2019 date. At that stage, he wasn’t steady enough on his feet to stand while playing and performed seated. It was still an electric performance with his amazing guitar work and songs.

He played many of the songs from Frampton Comes Alive that night and was clearly enjoying being back on stage again. The hall was crammed full of fans all feeling the memories rushing back. When he sang and asked “Do You Feel Like I Do?” the audience response was huge and clearly everyone felt the same way.

That concert was recorded and released last September as Peter Frampton at Royal Albert Hall.  It’s an excellent reminder of the man, his music, and that great live album from 1976.

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