Doja Cat wants to make her music, and Britney Spears returns with

Doja Cat is making completely new sounds from her previous ones. Britney Spears is releasing a new song.
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The world of Britney Spears news never seems to stop. She was basically out of the limelight for years, likely through no fault of her own while she was under the thumb of the evil conservatorship she suffered under for 14 years, but has returned in a big way since last year. She's making up for lost time and people are thankful for that.

Britney Spears announced last week that she will be releasing a tell-all book, called "The Woman in Me," in October. She released a single with Elton John last year. She recently had a mishap where she said she tried to tap top NBA draft pick Victor Wembanyama on the shoulder. Britney is everywhere.

On Friday she is set to release a new single called...Well, we aren't too sure what it will be called honestly. That hasn't been announced. The track is a collaboration with who Ms. Spears has collaborated with a couple of times previously as well. seemed to think the single was going to go live on July 18th originally, but now the official release is Friday.

Britney Spears has a new song! And Doja Cat says hold up

Think what you will about Britney Spears, but at least she is now trying to get her life back and earn some of the money she lost. Good for her.

In other news, Doja Cat is simply fed up with the way the music business controls her music. She tweeted in April that was basically sick over the way her music is sold and how she is forced to make it. Now, she says her fourth album will be quite different than anything she has made previously.

In a cover story from V Magazine this month, Doja Cat said she is "currently making rap, soul, and R&B music with jazz elements." Interesting. For a musical artist with seven top-ten U.S. singles and the most streamed rap album by a female artist on Spotify to take new chances is exciting. Let's hope her new work is everything she wants it to be.

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