12 dope weed songs from the streets of hip-hop

Hip-hop’s relationship to marijuana is a little bit different but the roots run deep.
Snoop Dogg at Live 50
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“PASS ME DA GREEN” by Master P (1997)

I’ve come to realize that a lot of rap fans simply don’t like Master P. As a rapper, he is average. But he is a brilliant promoter, launching his own label and releasing a number of successful albums. That ambition has been part of his problem with hip-hop fans, who see him as something less than authentic. The fact that he attempted a side hustle as a professional basketball player in the late ‘90s only added to that perception.

And yet, “Pass Me da Green” is undeniably infectious. Making excellent use of a Chris Tucker clip from Friday and a hypnotic beat, Master P begins with a simple request – “Pass me da green, I need some weed with my Hennessey.” Virtually every line elaborates on that very simple thesis. If gin and juice took priority for Snoop, Master P clearly places his weed above his Hennessey.

“THE WEED SONG’ by Bones, Thugs & Harmony (2000)

It’s not as if BTH hadn’t done plenty of weed songs prior to this one. They could roll a little bit harder in “Budsmokers Only” or a little bit softer in “If I Could Teach the World.” But nothing prepared audiences for “The Weed Song,” from BTNHRESURRECTION. It may be the most beautiful rap song on the subject and rivals some of the most gorgeous songs for the title across all genres.

All five members of the group take a verse (even the now you see him/now you don’t Flesh-N-Bone.) And even when a rougher voice like Wish-Bone takes a verse, the vibe remains as smooth as it ever was. Layzie Bone delivers a perfect final verse – “And when I need to free my mind – I can find satisfaction in a bag of weed – Everything I need, leave it to the trees – It can make me feel better.”

“GET HIGH TONIGHT” by Busta Rhymes (1997)

Busta’s playful take on “Get Down Tonight” begins with the chorus ‘’ “Buy a nickel bag – Smoke a little lah – Get high tonight.” Then he launches into his verses. Busta is not going to hit his famous warp speed here. As he explains – "Weed smoking got me moving slow motion like we floatin’ on relax ocean.” Fast or slow, Busta’s voice holds your interest.

“Get High Tonight” was largely overshadowed by other standout tracks on When Disaster Strikes. The title track offers a glimpse of Armageddon. “Rhymes Galore” serves up his signature rapid-fire rapping that has you asking “When is this man breathing?” It has hits like “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See” and “Dangerous.” Still, a feel-good weed song is always welcome.