Eight neglected country-rock albums that deserve more love

Some neglected, some forgotten but still brilliant country rock albums

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You can start off with a straightforward definition of what country rock is or consider that it is a much more fluid genre that can often include rock, folk, country, all things Americana, and the specific genre of Southern Rock. Or think of all the big names in music that fall within the genre or have at some point at least dabbled with the genre - from Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones to Neil Young, The Byrds, Gram Parsons, or say Southern rock greats like Allman Brothers Band or Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Or, if you want to add to that the more current releases with a true country star Dolly Parton taking on rock, or pop and R&B stars like Lana Del Ray and Beyonce tackling country (with Beynce topping the country single charts at the moment) you realize that country rock is as strong as it was in the late sixties and seventies. And those were the times that this genre was considered as its heyday.

Yet, from those times on, there are a number of artists and their albums that were somewhat in the shadows of those names mentioned above, or were simply forgotten, 

Eight country rock albums that are deserving of more attention

Souled American - Fe

Did this album have any chance to reach a wider audience back in 1988 when it was released? Probably not, and keep on trying to find this one either in print or on streaming services, you’ll need some good luck.

Yet, it turns out that this Chicago band is what true cult artists are made of, having a small but staunch following and being covered by other artists maybe a bit too quietly. Still, it turns out to be a true roots rock classic, with some incredible songwriting, playing, and vocals.