Eight superb live albums released in the 1990s

There were some superb live albums released in the 1990s. Some of the best ones came from recordings made many years earlier.
Paul Simenon of the Clash
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Another two 1990s live albums recorded years before

AC/DC - Bonfire

Australia's premier rock band released this five-disc box set in 1997. There are two live albums within the set, a double album Let There Be Rock: The Movie - Live In Paris, from their 1979 concert film and a single disc Live From The Atlantic Studios

The latter was recorded in New York in 1977 and although ‘in studio’ there was a small crowd there to ensure a live feel. It’s worth noting that this was very early in AC/DC terms, they weren’t established yet in the US. They give it full blast in their usual style for an excellent slice of what they are now well known for. 

The 1979 concert recording in Paris was recorded on their Highway To Hell world tour. It’s particularly poignant having been just a couple of months before singer Bon Scott’s death in February 1980. The band delivers in style here, it’s full-blown, hard-rocking, heavy guitars and Scott’s tremendous voice. AC/DC at their best.

The Police - Live

What an amazing band The Police were. They brought a unique sound and some great songs. This live double album was made up of two separate periods, both before they disbanded in 1986 and reformed 20 years later in 2007. 

The first disc is predominantly from two gigs in Boston, Massachusetts in November 1979 during their tour for their second album Reggatta de Blanc.  The second disc is from two nights in Atlanta, Georgia during their 1983 Synchronicity tour. Even though this wasn’t released until many years later in 1995, it was their first live album. 

There are subtle differences between the two discs in terms of style. But that shows the natural development cycle of a band. The first disc is full of lively energy and verve. It has the excitement of a band in their early years. The second disc has them at a different point, more comfortable with their music but still a great performance. Live is a really good collection of what helped The Police become one of the world's biggest musical acts.