Eight superb live albums released in the 1990s

There were some superb live albums released in the 1990s. Some of the best ones came from recordings made many years earlier.
Paul Simenon of the Clash
Paul Simenon of the Clash / Chris Moorhouse/GettyImages
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Led Zeppelin - BBC Sessions

Some bands only have one or two live albums. Led Zeppelin has several and often there is a lot of contention between their fans over which is the best, or even the worst. These sessions at the BBC are a great audio snapshot of the band live in their early phase. 

It’s a double album featuring great songs from a top band. Recorded in 1969 and 1971 in studio sessions at the BBC, it took until 1997 to be released officially. Bootleg versions had circulated for some time before. Some versions did include a third disc with interviews, but while interesting it’s the raw music we want to hear most.

These BBC sessions do carry an energy and vitality from the band. It’s a bluesy and heavy Led Zeppelin playing as if you were there watching and listening. John Bonham is full-on with the drums. Robert Plant's voice has an amazing range and sound. Jimmy Page on guitar is exceptional and John Paul Jones is almost like a conductor,  setting a tone, pace, and direction on his bass and keyboards. 

If you haven’t heard Led Zeppelin live then this is a great album to do so. Rather than debate the merits or otherwise of How The West Was Won, or The Song Remains The Same, dive straight in here to these BBC sessions. You won’t regret it.