Ethel Cain completely blows up social media over recent political statement

Cain furiously just wants people to get along.
Rick Kern/GettyImages

Those surprised by Ethel Cain's recent social media posts about the issues in Gaza and the United States' financial and military involvement in the region have clearly never listened to an Ethel Cain song. While she can scream like a banshee, she mostly resembles a much more dangerous Billie Eilish. Her lyrics are also extremely raw and honest.

But she does not just talk the talk of sub-celebrity. She has lived through everything she sings so her accounts are first-hand. Her opinions were forged through emotional darkness and physical abuse. And yet, still, she rises to the reach for happiness and wants to help fight through the sludge of mainstream narratives.

This week, Ethel Cain jumped into the Gaza situation, at least to a degree. She did not make a statement about being pro-Palestine or pro-Israel, but she inferred the horrors and atrocities on either side should not be happening. And in Cain's view, the United States certainly should not grant financial or military support to either side. She seemingly wants people to learn how to get along and not have the government help keep them separated.

Ethel Cain does not mince words in reaction to a recent political situation

Specifically, Cain posted on social media reacting to a Democracy Now! post reporting that the United States is sending "$1 billion in new arms to Israel." (Democracy Now! states it is an independent source for news and can be found via various outlets. Audio Phix neither condones nor officially agrees with their views and opinions as we are here to comment on music news and news made by musicians.)

Ethel Cain clearly did not like what was being reported and did not hold back when typing in a social media post, "We need to bring back assassinations…billionaires and politicians should be strung up in the street because what the hell is going on. and we can't even have a revolution because our terroristic military would crush us in a heartbeat if we tried to revolt."

But Cain had a greater point as well. She wrote, "I will always continue to say life is extremely beautiful and a gift but it's a gift everyone should be able to experience equally. And I know biology and nature and the universe is not always fair and some people take harder hits in life than others but we as humans should not be adding on to that misery."

Obviously, the situation in Gaza is extremely complex. Ultimately, however, there is nothing overly complex with Cain's view of life in general - she was likely joking about bringing back "assassinations" - and that we should all strive to treat each other a bit better.

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