Social media goes stupid over Taylor Swift being at Kansas City Chiefs playoff game

Swift went to watch Travis Kelce play football and people felt the need to comment.

Jamie Squire/GettyImages

I do not know how Taylor Swift does it. And I am not talking about selling millions of units of records and song streams or concert tickets. I mean, how does Swift block out the all hate on social media? She is braver and stronger than I am.

Or maybe she just ignores most posts altogether. That is probably the correct way to approach it. All of us normal people probably get quite a bit of messages and @posts every day, but one cannot even imagine the amount Taylor Swift likely gets.

Still, some truly negative ones probably funnel through. Some posts are probably so bad and dangerous they need to be monitored and reported. Not that Elon Musk at X (the artist formerly known as Twitter) likely cares. He probably just sits back and reads the posts and laughs and counts all the money he is losing from buying Twitter and turning it into X.

Social media burns over Taylor Swift watching the Kansas City Chiefs

Still, I am stealing a bunch of silly posts and displaying them here that are reactions to Taylor Swift simply showing up in the cold to root for her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, as his Kansas City Chiefs played the Miami Dolphins in the Wild Card round of the NFL playoffs. The Chiefs did well enough and defeated Miami 26-7. Kelce had 7 catches for 70 yards but no touchdowns.

Certainly the Chiefs did better than the following people who posted on X about Swift. It's just a football game, people!

Wait! So Taylor Swift needs the NFL to remain relevant? This person appears to know nothing about Swift, the NFL, or anything else.

To answer this posts' question: Yes. If the team you are pulling for loses, that is more annoying. Also, Vince seems to be annoyed too easily.

Go ahead, DramaAlert, and boycott. You likely will be the only one. Also, neither Swift or the NFL need your money.

If this post is true, Tony Dungy is simply an old man saying get off my lawn. Simmer down, Tony.

Thankfully, Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour handle just had Swift and Kelce leaving after the game. This is likely the same way Swift and Kelce are leaving the social media hate behind as well.

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