Beyhive Beware: Every Beyonce album ranked

Does Beyonce really have a bad album?
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5. 4 (2011)

This project is in the middle because this is where Beyoncé reached peak maturity. The vocals, the lyrics, and the body of work are just astonishing. This album is personal for Beyonce because 4 is an important number to her.

4 is the day Beyonce was born, the day her mother was born, and the date of her wedding. This album oozes fun, love, strength, and girl empowerment. It's also no surprise listeners could feel Beyoncé glow through this album because she was pregnant with Blue Ivy during the production of this project. Almost positive this is Bey's personal favorite album of hers.

Favorite Songs: End Of Time, Party, Run The World, Best Thing I Never Had

4. B'Day (2006)

B'Day is high up on this list for two reasons: Beyoncé conquered the Sophmore Jinx and this is the first time Beyoncé released a video for every track. B'Day is a personal favorite because this was Bey's "crowning moment".

What makes B'Day unique is she took the criticisms from Dangerously In Love and made gold. This album has it all: funky beats, fun lyrics, and amazing track placement. The visuals were absolutely fun and youthful. B'Day served as a tease for one album that cemented her legacy (once again, hold on to this thought).

Favorite Songs: Deja Vu, Freakum Dress, Get Me Bodied, Resentment, Upgrade U