Five awesome but underrated albums from 1980s

Here are five albums you might have missed, been unaware of or just forgotten from the 1980s.
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Hue and Cry - Seduced And Abandoned 

There could be a theme here. The Scotpop and jazz-styled songs could be a thing. That’ll have more to do with the music I like alongside the underrated element. Here’s another album that fits all that nicely. 

Seduced And Abandoned was the debut album from two Scottish brothers, Pat and Greg Kane, as Hue and Cry. It was released in 1987 and you may know the second single from it, “Labour Of Love”. Either from its couple of releases, the second being a remix in 1993 which reached 25 in the UK, or from the 2005 video game soundtrack for Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City. It’s slightly odd to think that the song was heard by several million more people on that game than on the album, which only gained a silver award for reaching 60,000 sales. 

Hue and Cry have a distinctive style all of their own. Pat Kane’s amazing voice and the keyboard skills of his brother, Greg, mix very well.  They blend very well together and both the vocals and the piano, along with the songwriting bring those strong jazz elements together strongly with some funky beats driving it all along at times. This album is a great taster of things they still had to come and not one to miss.