Five brilliant but underrated albums from the 1970s

Here are five gems of albums from the 1970s that you should really look out or download and listen to soon.
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Personally, I rated the 1970s highly for music. Perhaps that's because it was my teenage years and music was a huge part of growing up. I think we also saw music itself grow and develop enormously during the decade.

There was so much variation and some amazing records. From heady hippy emerging from the 1960s, through hot and sweaty rock and blues, mix in some prog rock, glam and glitter, and then throw it all back out again as punk rock raged in. There was more than one new wave in all of that.

Some bands shot to brief fame before breaking up, friendly or otherwise, or after the sad demise of a key member. Like many others, Cream, Faces, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Doors, and the Sex Pistols all came and went in relatively short terms. Usually leaving great music, many memories, and in some instances a fair amount of chaos behind them. 

Underrated or forgotten 1970s albums

There were plenty of bands that stayed the course and lasted for a good many years. Let's not forget that we've just had a new album from The Rolling Stones. They're still rocking on after hitting the big time first in the 1960s. Although they did have some forgettable albums occasionally along the way.

Among the huge names, the bands and artists still going and those who have long since gone, there were plenty of great albums. And quite a few that now seem underrated. Those may not have had the credit they deserve or may have been forgotten. They maybe aren't the usual go to albums to listen to from the artist's back catalogue. Or other albums from the same artists have overshadowed them completely by comparison.

Here are five absolute gems of underrated albums across a range of genres.