Five fantastically overrated albums from the 1980s

Controversial choices as five overrated albums get listed here.
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Genesis - Invisible Touch

Genesis as a definition means the origin or founding of something. Genesis as a band transformed significantly from their origin and beginning. They did so in several steps, one of the biggest being Peter Gabriel’s departure and the stepping out of Phil Collins from behind the drum kit to lead singer at the mic. Although that happened in the mid-1970s, the impact was particularly significant on their Invisible Touch album. 

Released in June 1986, Invisible Touch was their thirteenth studio album, unlucky for some perhaps. It came after a long period of touring as Genesis and then a break allowing the band members to pursue their own successful solo careers. This was a successful album commercially. One of their biggest sellers, multiple platinum awards, number one in the UK charts and number three in the US. Invisible Touch broke records by having five highly successful singles released from it, including the title track.

The problem is that it’s one of the key points in the Genesis evolution where they and their music seem to transform into Phil Collins and his band. The songs on the album, as evidenced by those singles, were very suited to his singing and musical style. They were pop tunes more than rock songs. The synths and electronic beats added to that different feeling the album gives off. 

Now that’s fine in its own way. It’s hard to argue with the album’s huge commercial success. But it all feels odd as a Genesis record. So much of what made them great in their past had been lost and wasn’t there anymore. For many Genesis fans, this isn't a high point by any means for the band. Invisible Touch is definitely overrated as a Genesis album in terms of the success it had.