Snubbed!: Five great artists who never won a Grammy Award

These five artists deserved more Grammy love.
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You’d think that five top ten albums in 1969 and ’70 alone would merit at least one Grammy. Two of those albums went all the way to Number One. I suppose if you want to ding them, you could say that they never had a number one single – they merely had five songs that made it to number two.

Frontman John Fogerty, as a solo artist, has in fact won a Grammy, and been nominated a bunch of other times. But the band he formed with his brother Tom was never so honored. They have not one, not two, but three different achievements inducted into the Grammy HOF – the singles “Fortunate Son” and “Proud Mary,” and the album Cosmo’s Factory. And they were inducted into the Rock & Roll HOF thirty years ago.

Cosmo’s Factory was not going to win the Album of the Year Grammy in 1971, because it was a foregone conclusion that Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Waters was going to win that year. But in 1970, recognizing albums that were released in 1969, CCR had three masterpieces, any one of which was better than Blood, Sweat and Tears’ self-titled album that took the prize.