Five insanely overrated albums from the 1970s

Strap yourselves in, this is going to get messy. It's going to be controversial.
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Eagles - Hotel California 

Now here’s a really successful album, Hotel California by the Eagles sold millions. Over 30m so far and just behind their Greatest Hits 1971-1975, which perhaps unusually was released before it. It’s won awards and accolades, it's got a massively strong single hit as the title track. 

Released in December 1976, the album probably represents a peak for the Eagles. Things slid from there for various reasons and their follow up album, The Long Run, suffered from huge fall outs, arguments and line up changes. That was their last album for a long while as they disbanded in 1980, before reforming many years later. They are currently on their final live tour, The Long Farewell.

Looking back at Hotel California now, it’s one of those albums which hasn't aged well. The title track with its famous guitar solos now attracts criticism as overplayed and overdone. “New Kid In Town” and “Life In The Fast Lane” are the other big songs from the album.  Those three songs are the opening tracks of the album, leaving less less incentive to carry on listening. 

The rest of the tracks on the album are probably only known to ardent fans. They are fairly ok Eagles songs in the usual style and format, but not exceptional. Sadly they don't seem to have the same hooks and ear worm capabilities of the band's big numbers. 

Hotel California is another of those albums which probably won’t be getting many plays as a whole these days. This was a must have album back in the day, swept along by demand and a couple of guitar solos. It had its successes, but an album that huge, which doesn't demand regular listening, is surely overrated now. 

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