Music news: Foo Fighters name a new drummer

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Following the sudden passing of Taylor Hawkins in 2022, the Foo Fighters played with several temporary drummers. But now they have a new full-time player. Josh Freese, who has played with artists like Nine Inch Nails and Guns N' Roses, has joined the band.

The addition of Freese isn't a massive surprise. He had previously canceled his summer dates playing with the Offspring and Danny Elfman's band. Freese had toured quite a bit with the Offspring but was never a full member of the band. Plus, up until joining the Foo Fighters, Freese was a highly in-demand session drummer who was also fantastic live.

The Foo Fighters have an extensive tour kicking off this week and the band will play numerous festivals with their last American dates in October at the Austin City Limits Festival. It simply made too much sense to add a new full-time drummer now before the festival season gets underway. Freese had also previously played with the Foos when he was part of the lineup during the Taylor Hawkins Tribute concerts that took place late last year.

Josh Freese joins the Foo Fighters as their full-time drummer

The Foo Fighters will be touring partly to support their new album, But Here We are, that comes out June 2nd. The album will have 10 tracks, including the recently released single, "Rescued." On the album, Foo Fighters' frontman Dave Grohl played most of the drums, but this isn't anything new for Grohl. He has played drums during many of the recordings for the Foo Fighters and was, of course, the drummer for Nirvana.

The tracklisting for the album includes the following:

1. Rescued
2. Under You
3. Hearing Voices
4. But Here We Are
5. The Glass
6. Nothing at All
7. Show Me How
8. Beyond Me
9. The Teacher
10. Rest

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If you do want to catch Freese and his new bandmates, there is a good chance that the band will be playing at a festival near you. The band will headline Bonnaroo, Festival d'ete de Quebec, Harley-Davidson Homecoming, and Louder than Life, among several others. In other words, you should start planning the next six months of your life right now.