Four terrific 1970s albums by female artists that should have sold better

There was plenty of love for these 1970s albums, but they deserved more sales and much higher chart success.
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Bonnie Rait - Give It Up

Bonnie Raitt has an amazing background as a blue and rock singer, guitarist, and songwriter over the years. As a session player and collaborator, she has worked with many other great artists too. Give It Up is her second album in her own name. 

The album, released in September 1972, is a great insight into Raitt and her music. It has some self-written songs and covers from others and brings a wide range of styles with a mix of blues, rock, and a touch of folk and R&B all in there. Critics and reviewers loved the album and the package of songs. But it only made it to 138 on the US charts, though did achieve gold status. 

Have a listen below to the opener “Give It Up Or Let Me Go”, one of the self-written tracks, there’s a very blues-based opening and a then Dixie-style brass breaking in superbly with Raitt's voice in great form. A definite toe-tapping start. A folkier start on “Too Long At The Fair” switches up midway with a neat guitar solo. Released as a single, it sadly didn't have any impact. Then there’s Raitt’s bright cover of Jackson Browne’s “Under The Fallen Sky” which rocks along in great style with some brilliant keyboards too.

There’s plenty more of that folksy, bluesy, rocky mix in the album. It's an excellent combination that still sounds as good as ever. An album that surely deserved more success. 

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