Glastonbury to give swift and stunning response to female headline acts challenge

if the reports are correct there could be two fantastic female headline acts appearing at Glastonbury 2024.
Matt Cardy/GettyImages

The world-famous Glastonbury Festival faced a sex equality challenge this summer. Its main headliners were pretty huge with Guns N’ Roses, Arctic Monkeys, and that emotional final UK tour performance from Elton John. But they were all male acts. 

There was plenty of criticism over the lack of a headline female act for 2023. Emily Eavis from the festival explained that a top female headliner had been booked for the summer. However, plans had changed at a late stage when that act had to pull out of appearing at Glastonbury. Reports suggest it was Taylor Swift who was unable to appear.

So all eyes are on the news of headliners for next summer at Glastonbury. The festival is scheduled for June 26 to 30, 2024. Eavis dropped a huge hint recently that the lack of a female headliner wouldn't be an issue next year, indicating two female headliners were being lined up for 2024.

Glastonbury festival headline acts for 2024 named

The Mail on Sunday has now named the three main acts which they believe will be headliners at Glastonbury 2024. According to their inside source at Glastonbury,  the Pyramid Stage will feature Dua Lipa on Friday, four-time headliners Coldplay on Saturday, and Madonna closing on the Sunday night. Madonna hasn't appeared at Glastonbury previously.

It’s already a huge festival and to some extent, the headline acts don't necessarily influence ticket sales. Those go on sale later this month and the festival will be a sell-out almost immediately due to the enormous demand for the iconic event. That's pretty much irrespective of who headlines.

It’s still important to secure the right acts though and Glastonbury looks to have another big success on its hands with those headliners. Madonna in particular will be a huge name to have on their bill. It’s their first double female headliners at the festival, so they have responded positively indeed. 

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