Gnarly weed songs you need to hear to believe

No matter your views on weed, these 12 songs are worth listening to.
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“LIGHT UP OR LEAVE ME ALONE” by Traffic (1971)

Written and sung by drummer Jim Capaldi, this has a slightly rougher edge than the Traffic songs performed by Steve Winwood on their sensational Low Spark of High Heeled Boys album. This is essentially a psychedelic jam that remains tighter and more melodic than most songs of that ilk. As with “Rainy Day Woman…,” lines like “You open your mouth, shoot someone dead” make more sense when your mind has been opened.

Capaldi’s singing on the track overshadows his fine funky shuffling on the drums which keeps the song relentless. Traffic boasted a formidable lineup of musicians and they are all working to capacity here.

“HEROJUANA” by NOFX (2000)

“Light the match, burn the flower – Leave behind, all the wrong – Why be sad – When happiness can be bought for a little more than free.” You may find Fat Mike’s title a little forced, but his plain-spoken brand of political diatribe is one of the things that makes NOFX as good as they are. He is not one to hide his meaning in euphemism.

If you have ever heard Mike opine on the subject, you know this is actually a very toned-down version of his standard diatribe. He scores point after point with simple logic over relentless drums and steam-powered pop-punk chords. “The only real drug problem – Is scoring real good drugs.” And his closing argument gets right to the heart of that brand of independence upon which Americans pride themselves – “We just want what is ours – Dignity if God created plants and buds – That I find and abuse – Then who the f**k are you to judge?”